ODSCharts For Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice And OpenOffice

ODSCharts creates Opendocument spreadsheets (*.ods files) with scatter charts that Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice or OpenOffice can open and manipulate.

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ODSCharts will create ods files readable by Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

The format is a very narrow subset of full spreadsheet support. There is no attempt to supply a full API interface:

#. All sheets contain either a table of numbers or a chart object
    - A table of numbers:
        - starts at "A1"
        - row 1 is labels
        - row 2 is units
        - row 3 through N is float or string entries
    - Chart objects are scatter plots
        - Each series is a column from a table
        - Each x axis is a column from a table

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What I Think I Know

  • Matplotlib is very good when you want to publish a chart without the data.

  • Spreadsheets are very good when you want to publish both the chart and the data.

  • Python is a great general-purpose programming language for science and engineering

  • Therefore the world needs a cross-platform, open-source, python solution to generate cross-platform, open-source spreadsheet files.

What I Know About ODS

  • *.ods files are cross-platform, open-source spreadsheet files.

  • LibreOffice and OpenOffice read *.ods files created by Excel much better than Excel reads *.ods files created by LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

  • Excel *.ods files are more simple than LibreOffice or OpenOffice *.ods files (Excel only partially supports ods)

  • It’s easy to reverse-engineer Excel-generated *.ods files as cross-platform, open-source spreadsheet files.

  • ODSCharts generates *.ods files by reverse-engineering *.ods files created by Excel.

That’s It… That’s how and why ODSCharts was created.



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